Should I Hire a Wedding Videographer?

Should You Hire a Wedding Videographer

Should I Hire a Wedding Videographer?

This is the question that every couple asks themselves when starting to plan their wedding. For many couples, a wedding videographer isn’t at the top of the priority list and is often viewed as a nice-to-have if the budget allows. For others, it’s an absolute necessity after seeing examples of other wedding films and dreaming of their own to tell the story of their special day. Being filmed on your wedding day isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but I wanted to go into detail about some of the aspects that you should consider before making that final decision.

The Day Goes By In A Flash

Most couples that I have filmed have said how quickly the day passes and that they can’t wait to receive their film to relive it all over again. Photographs create beautiful snapshots of a particular moment, but with film, you can watch and listen to those moments play out in front of you, evoking all the feelings from the day.

A good wedding videographer will continuously be on the move, looking for and anticipating those natural moments, rather than staging shots that eat into your precious time with your loved ones. A wedding film is a great way to alleviate those post-wedding blues, with many videographers providing a short teaser trailer within their videography package to create excitement for what’s to come.

See The Moments You May Miss On The Day

Sarah and Chris Wedding

You’re so busy on your special day that inevitably there are certain parts that you won’t get to see. Your partner’s face as they nervously wait at the top of the aisle or the tears of joy from your family as you say your vows to each other. It’s nice to look back and see your guests mingling during your reception drinks or the laughter during your speeches. You may not have had the chance to stop and take it all in on the day.

Lovely Memories Of Your Friends And Family

Your special day is all about celebrating your love for each other with your nearest and dearest, and video is a fantastic way of creating lasting memories of your friends and family. Capturing the reaction of the father of the bride when he first sees his daughter in her dress or your grandad busting some moves on the dancefloor. Unfortunately, not everyone is around forever, and these kind of memories are priceless.

Your wedding videographer will, of course, capture as many shots of your family as possible. If there are special people that must make the cut, you can always have a chat with your videographer to make sure they’re included in your film. On the day, it’s a good idea to designate someone to identify these people to your videographer.

Audio Is Important

One area that can often be overlooked is audio, and this is something that truly distinguishes wedding videography from photography. Audio plays a huge part in conveying the emotions of your special day, from hearing the giggles of your bridal party getting ready, to the heartfelt promises you make to each other during your ceremony.

Great quality audio can be captured with small lapel microphones worn by the groom and officiant, so you don’t need to worry about large microphones creating an eyesore in your beautiful ceremony room.

Wedding Videographers Are As Discreet As Photographers

Wedding videographers are just as discreet as photographers, if not more so! When capturing video, we can shoot silently, while not every camera has quiet shutter capability for photos. Gone are the days when videographers had to use large video cameras and microphones — cameras can be the same size (if not smaller) than those used for photography.

I use small, lightweight cameras, gimbals, and monopods so that I can be nimble and unobtrusive when filming. Many of my couples said that they forgot I was there, and that’s what creates the most natural shots.

Camera Shy?

Louise and Lee Wedding

Many of the couples I have filmed have been camera shy. It’s completely natural as we’re not used to being filmed regularly. Although being camera shy is a barrier for some, most hire a videographer with a natural, unobtrusive style, so that they can enjoy their special day while not worrying about the camera being overbearing. It’s always a good idea to hire a friendly videographer that you feel comfortable with, so they can put you at ease.

Share Your Video With Friends And Family

With the online world dominated by the likes of  YouTube and Instagram, most people love watching videos. My wedding highlight films always include properly licensed music, so that you are free to share your film online as much as you like. Watch your film back on anniversaries to relieve those lovely memories or play it on a loop on a digital frame.

Some videographers (like me) deliver your film in 4K resolution so that as technology continues to advance, you’ll be able to watch your film back in ultra-high definition for years to come.

Professional Videographer Vs. A Friend Or Family Filming

iPhone cameras are excellent these days, but there is a bit more to filming a wedding than just point and shoot. If you’re just looking for small parts of the day to be filmed, then a friend or family member could very well set up a tripod with their phone or camera. Don’t rely on going handheld as there is nothing worse than shaky footage, especially when having to hold the phone for the duration of the ceremony.

When relying on an in-built microphone, the audio may not be up to scratch. It’s advisable to do some test runs with your friend to check that you’re happy with the quality of the footage and audio if you’re planning to go down the self-shoot route. The person behind the camera is often left out of your film so it’s always nice for your guests to enjoy just being guests and leave the filming to a professional.

Is A Wedding Videographer Expensive?

Similar to a photographer, the cost of a wedding videographer depends on their experience, equipment, style, and package. You’re not just paying for a videographer to come and film for the day — there are days of editing involved, as well as equipment to maintain and upgrade, music to purchase, and insurances and licenses required.

When you factor in these elements, it’s easy to see why videography prices can be comparable, if not more expensive, than photographers. Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, so it’s worth investing in a wedding videographer if you feel it’s for you. One of the most common regrets I see discussed in wedding forums is not hiring a videographer.

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