Wedding Films

Wedding Films

James & Claire

Colshaw Hall

Claire and James married at beautiful Colshaw Hall in the Cheshire countryside and celebrated with their family, friends, and gorgeous dog Chester. The couple had a very modern meeting on Instagram, with James sending Claire a message not expecting a reply, and 6 years later, I was there filming their special day.

Jess & Danny

Horsley Towers

Jess and Danny had a chance meeting sitting next to each other on a long-haul flight. Danny admitted during his wedding speech, that after chatting away for the entire flight, ‘he knew he was going to marry this person’.

Sofi & Maria

Arley Hall

Sofi and Maria met through their love of reading and writing, so I should have guessed that their personal vows were going to be incredibly special. These two spent the day looking at each in complete adoration and it was a pleasure to be there to capture the love and laughter.


I also flipping loved Sofi’s dad’s Vulcan salute at the end of his speech! 🙂

Rhiannon & Finbarr

Hawkstone Hall

With Rhiannon’s big beautiful eyes and ball gown dress, she definitely had Disney princess vibes going on and their day was truly magical! Both maths teachers – Rhi and Fin had had created a customised seating plan to challenge guests to calculate their table number.


This was just one of many personal touches and they really had thought of everything for their special day.

Anna & George

Garden Wedding

I have a special love for garden weddings as it’s what my husband and I chose to do for our own wedding. They’re incredibly personal and you have the freedom to do exactly what you want. Anna and George planned their wedding to perfection and their guests were blown away by how spectacular everything looked.


After having to postpone due to Covid, when their special day came around, everyone was ready to hit the dancefloor hard and it was heck of a party!

Alice & David

Manchester Hall

It was laughter and smiles all day long for Alice and David as they celebrated with their family, friends, and Alice’s tribe of 9 bridesmaids. That’s got to be a record there!

Georgia & Kyle

Stock Farm

Georgia and Kyle met at school when they were just 15 years old, and it was amazing to be there to capture their special day almost another 15 years later. The sun was shining, the speeches were hilarious one minute and and tear-jerking the next. Everything was just perfect for these high school sweethearts.

Lauren & Andrew

The Courtyard Venue

Every aspect of Lauren and Andrew’s special day had a personal touch, from their wedding cake made by an aunty to one of their best friends singing their first dance song. The Courtyard Venue is a gorgeous venue with all the vibes of a Mediterranean villa and with Covid restrictions having recently lifted, everyone was well and truly ready to party.

Anna & Aaron

Eaves Hall

I definitely welled up several times editing Anna & Aaron’s wedding videos. Those were some emotional speeches and beautiful poems written by Anna’s father and Aaron the groom. After a lovely church service, the couple carried on the celebrations at the beautiful Eaves Hall.

Stephanie & Russell

Rudding Park

Stephanie and Russell married at the magnificent Bolton Priory and were spoilt for choice for incredible locations on their couple’s shoot amongst the abbey ruins. The couple and their guests then headed off to Rudding Park, where they ate, drank, and danced the night away in celebration.

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