Cheshire Pre-Wedding/Engagement Shoot at Tatton Park

Tatton Park Pre-wedding Shoot

Cheshire Pre-Wedding/Engagement Shoot at Tatton Park

Arranging a pre-wedding/engagement shoot with your Cheshire wedding videographer is a great idea for a few different reasons.

You’ll Get to Know your Wedding Videographer

It’s the perfect opportunity to meet and get to know your videographer before your special day. As you’ll be busy getting ready and spending time with your bridal party, there can sometimes be little time to chat properly. Phone and video chats are great alternatives, but there’s nothing better than a face-to-face meet up.

You’ll Get Used to the Camera

Whether you’re camera shy or not, having a pre-wedding shoot can help you get used to the camera and see which poses you like or dislike for when it comes to your couples shoot on the day. You’ll also get a feel of how your wedding videographer works with guiding you and making you feel more comfortable. Some videographers have little tricks up their sleeve such as little games or quizzes to make you smile or laugh, or telling some terrible jokes.

You’ll Get a Lovely Film of you Both

There are worse ways to spend an hour or two than at the beach or wandering hand-in-hand through the woods. Yes, you will have a camera following you around, but your videographer will hopefully have picked a spot away from the crowds, so that you can feel a little more comfortable canoodling in public. I like to direct couples as little as possible throughout the shoot to keep it natural, so I’ll usually give them a short briefing before I start filming. As I’m quietly capturing the action, it’s a lot easier for a couple to block out the camera and enjoy the moment.

If you’re sending digital invitations, some couples like to incorporate their couples film. It’s a beautiful way to personalise your invitation and to give a flavour of what to expect from your special day.

Cheshire Pre-Wedding/Engagement Video

I filmed a pre-wedding shoot for Nia and Jack at Tatton Park in Cheshire. It’s a spectacular location for a romantic stroll with lush woodlands, a beautiful lake, and deer roaming the grounds. I’m filming Jack and Nia’s wedding in December so it was wonderful to meet them in person and chat a little bit more about their special day.

Nia and Jack were a very relaxed couple, with the perfect blend of fun and romance. One minute they were bumping into each other jokingly as they walked side-by-side and the next minute were wrapped around each other affectionately.

These are a few stills from the pre-wedding film or you can watch the video above.

Tatton Park Deer


Tatton Park Pre-Wedding Shoot 1

Tatton Park Pre-Wedding Shoot 2

Tatton Park Pre-Wedding Shoot 3

Cheshire Wedding Videographer

I can’t wait to film Nia and Jack’s wedding at Peckforton Castle later in the year, and it was lovely to create something for them that has got them even more excited about their special day. If you’re thinking of getting a pre-wedding/engagement shoot or are looking for a wedding videographer, get in touch to have a chat.

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